Why Volunteer?

Everyone can be of service. KLUG Volunteers have no professional requirements for participation. Volunteers typically share common characteristics such as flexibility, compassion, a sense of adventure, and most important, the desire to work with and learn from KLUG members. Volunteers are drawn from all occupations, backgrounds and throughout the world. Each volunteer selects a service program that best fits their experience, interests and a program where volunteer feels engaged in KLUG programs.

Think about how much you receive when you give and consider why you want to volunteer. You may have several different reasons. However, if you are someone who has an open mind, flexible and would like:

1) To share skills and keep them alive

2) To demonstrate commitment to a cause/belief

3) To gain leadership skills

4) To donate your professional skills and have an impact

5) To learn something new

6) To make new friends

7) To explore a career

8) To do something different from your job

9) For fun!

10) To be an agent of change

Then KLUG is your rightful place to be...

KLUG welcomes individuals and groups of 18+ years old and from different backgrounds. We do encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Early enrolment allows you extra time for visa processing and also allows you to make your travel arrangements earlier and perhaps more affordably.

 Register by mail download, print and complete the registration form, and mail it back to kampusliberty@gmail.com

Once the request is received and your information is verified, it should take about 3-5 business days for us to process your request